The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Business

If you’re using WordPress to build your business’s website, it can be difficult to know which WordPress plugins you should download. With over 50,000+ plugins available on the WordPress repository and another 1,000+ premium plugins available for purchase outside of WordPress’s repository, it’s no wonder that it is difficult to find the best WordPress plugins for business.

We’ve designed and developed well over 100 business websites using WordPress. And, our passion is finding more optimal ways to build the next 100. So, with all our experience and research, we wanted to give you a shortlist of the best WordPress plugins for business so you can bypass the prolonged research and trial and errors of installing and trying dozens of plugins.

HubSpot – WordPress plugin for CRM, email, and live chat

HubSpot WordPress Plugin - Best WordPress Plugins for Business
Source: HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot is the #1 CRM platform for scaling businesses. It has an amazing breadth and depth of functionality, and a lot of it is available for free. A few years ago HubSpot began to heavily invest in the HubSpot WordPress plugin so that businesses that choose to use WordPress as their CMS can easily connect their HubSpot forms, live chat, email marketing, and more.

Site Kit by Google – WordPress plugin for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Page Speed Insights

Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin - Best WordPress Plugins for Business
Source: Site Kit by Google

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “how do I add google analytics to my WordPress website?” Historically, you had to choose from 10 different plugins not created by Google that enabled you to easily install your Google Analytics tracking code.

Although these plugins worked, they weren’t the perfect solution. Some of these plugins had annoying popups that tried to upsell you on advanced functionality, others embedded themselves throughout your WordPress admin dashboard.. all suboptimal.

Google finally released their own, first-party Google Analytics WordPress plugin. This plugin makes it super simple to either create a new Google Analytics property to track or connect to your existing property. You can also easily connect and view your Google Search Console data and see how your website’s performance is with their Page Speed Insights integration as well.

RankMath – WordPress plugin for SEO

The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Business 1
Source: Rank Math – SEO Plugin for WordPress

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for businesses to succeed online. SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of your websites’ content to increase the amount of traffic from search engines.

In the past, the go-to WordPress plugin for SEO was always Yoast. Yoast is still a great option for increasing your website’s SEO, however, there is a new player in the game… RankMath.

RankMath prides themselves on having amazing functionality that is easy-to-use and free. Yes, you heard it right, free!

The plugin gives you a simple breakdown of your page’s SEO performance in a score total out of a 100. As you make the suggested improvements, your SEO score increases. As you make mistakes – like not having your focus keyword(s) in your content – it gives you actionable steps to take to get better.

RankMath is free and also has a Pro version if you want to add even more high-quality SEO functionality to your website.

Defender Security – WordPress plugin for security scans, vulnerability reports, and safety recommendations

The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Business 2
Source: Defender Security – Malware Scanner, Login Security & Firewall

Unfortunately, without the appropriate security measures, WordPress is susceptible to being hacked. You may think, “I don’t need a security plugin”. However, the minute your website gets hacked or malware installed, you’ll regret that decision.

Thankfully, WPMU DEV has created one of the best WordPress plugins for business. Defender helps protect your website by adding functionality like 2 Factor Authentication, login masking and lockouts, WordPress security firewall, and nearly a dozen other valuable tweaks for added protection.

Defender is free in the WordPress repository and also has a Pro version for additional security measures.

Elementor – WordPress plugin for designing website pages

The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Business 3
Source: Elementor Website Builder

If you’re new to website design, it can be hard to learn and time-consuming to figure out the best ways to build beautiful web pages. Enter Elementor… the most user-friendly and powerful website builder for WordPress.

Elementor makes it very simple and intuitive to build beautiful, responsible web pages for your website. Their page builder is free, and their ecosystem is very robust. You can download additional WordPress plugins that add more widgets (with different functionality) into the Elementor sidebar.

The best part of Elementor is you drag and drop widgets into your page, and while you’re making edits, you can see the changes take effect in realtime.

Gravity Forms – WordPress plugin for building online forms

Gravity Forms - best WordPress plugins for business
Source: Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the one of the longest standing, most successful WordPress plugins ever created. The amazing thing about Gravity Forms is that they’ve been able to make a premium plugin and amass millions of users without being listed in the WordPress repository.

If you’re looking to build powerful, highly-converting online forms, Gravity Forms is the best WordPress plugin for your business.

The plugin starts at $59 annually, and it well worth it. If you’re in the business of generating leads online, it’s an easy expense to make sure you’re able to convert traffic into leads you can engage. Additionally, Gravity Forms has an integration with HubSpot, so you can easily track and manage your leads.

Final thoughts on the best WordPress plugins for business

Building a successful business online is not easy… actually it’s REALLY hard. Hopefully these top WordPress plugins for business help you get a jumpstart on making your website a traffic generating, lead converting, and customer closing machine.

If you need any help designing your website or building an online store, let us know. Our mission is to help businesses succeed online.

If you have any questions about any of the plugins mentioned in this article, feel free to leave a comment below.

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